Sampler Gift Basket – The Butchery Sausage

Sampler Gift Basket

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Your favorite gift set that wins our yearly holiday bestseller is now in an even cuter packaging.

Our sausage sampler with 7 of our pioneer flavors neatly kept fresh in an ice packed styrofoam container wrapped in a reusable sack bag.

*Must be given fresh from delivery and stored in the freezer; Ice packaging will only last 4-8 hours.

Our Packaging

All our frozen gift products will be ice packed in a neat reusable styrofoam container and high quality reuasable sack bag.

We have a size small and large (255 square feet) to fit our frozen gift set options.

Besides ensuring our products are kept fresh, this packaging will also make the recipient feel like they received a mini refrigerator to house their fave Butchery products. :)